PRCC outrigger

Unique to our club is the opportunity to participate in Outrigger style canoeing. Originally founded in and around the islands of Hawaii this discipline allows for some great fun and the ability to paddle the high seas of Lake Ontario!! Outrigger on its own is designed to handle more hostile water conditions, the attached “ama” is meant to add another base of support to allow the boat to be more stable. Unlike the other disciplines our club offers, Outriggers are usually used to race long distances, so rather than a 500m an Outrigger may race 10km.

The Pickering Rouge Canoe Club offers programs using our two OC-6’s, these are large boats that require 6 people to paddle them (5 paddlers, 1 steers-person). While paddling this large boat paddlers simultaneously switch sides every 15-20 strokes so they can be more effective over long distances.

PRCC outrigger

This discipline still allows for a team atmosphere but at a slightly smaller scale. Outrigger has proven to also be great cross-training for competitive dragon boaters looking to spice up their training.

Although Outrigger is fairly new to the Pickering Rouge Canoe Club, we offer some great programs for beginners as well as rental times for those who have an existing team, or may be looking to get one started.

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