Dragon Boat


Dragon boat is a paddling sport that has been around for centuries and has recently gained huge popularity in Canada thus making our nation one of the top teams on the International stage.

The boat itself holds 20 paddlers at a time with one steers-person as well as a drummer. The goal is for all paddlers to paddle in sequence to propel the boat forward as fast as possible over a distance (usually 500m). Typical races usually take from 2 to 3 minutes requiring a combination of technique, endurance, and concentration.


Dragon Boat has become so popular because it is a sport that basically anyone can participate in. Teams range from recreational, competitive, corporate, breast cancer survivors as well as community groups. Ultimately, it attracts the masses due to the fun nature of the sport and the social interaction involved. There is a special bond that is shared when working together towards a common goal, Dragon Boat has a unique ability to bring out the best in people!


The Pickering Rouge Canoe Club prides itself in offer unique opportunities for all levels of participants in the sport of dragon boat. Being the home to many recreational teams to training athletes for World Championship events, we are equipped to handle a multitude of skill levels.

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