High Performance


This page is designed to keep parents and high performance athletes informed on upcoming regattas as well as important information regarding club programs.

Canoe Kayak – Dev/High Performance (14- 21)

Athletes will practice 6 times a week, throughout the fall and winter. Three of these practices will be coached while the others will be done individually or in small groups. Throughout the Fall athletes will paddle Tues, Thurs at 4:30pm and Sat. at 9:00am. Paddlers will also spend this time preparing themselves in the gym for winter training. Below is an example of what a typical week will look like in the winter!

Being competitive in our sport requires a great amount of commitment. Athletes will be following a professionally made fitness and weight training program designed specifically for their age group. Throughout the off season paddlers will complete 3 fitness tests to help monitor their progress as well as participate in a Holiday Banquet (both events are included in registration fee)


Canoe/Kayak – Masters (25+)

The Masters’ paddling program runs three times a week for two hours and is designed for adults (25 years and up) of all skill levels. Most join as beginners and end up loving the racing accept of the program; it’s never too late to start! Participants paddle a variety of canoes and kayaks ranging from 1-person boats, 2-person, 4-person and the 15-person war canoe. Paddling is a low impact activity that provides an above-average aerobic workout and leads to greater strength and flexibility in a wide variety of muscles including those in the arms, back and abdomen.

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