OCup 4

The weekend of October 1st and 2nd, Pickering Rouge high performance and development athletes raced in Ottawa for OCup 4. The long distance races consisted of laps of 4000m, and on the second day, portages of 200m. Congratulations to all of the athletes who raced.

Patrick Blewicz - 8th (U15 men's K1 8000m), 11th (U15 men's K1 8000m/200m)

Andrew Fanok - 7th (U15 men's K1 8000m), 8th (U15 men's K1 8000m/200m)

Liam Forgie - 4th (U15 men's K1 8000m), 5th (U15 men's K1 8000m/200m)

Tristan Forgie - 2nd (Junior men's C1 8000m), 3rd (Novice men's C1 8000m/200m)

James Mann - 8th (Junior men's K1 8000m), 4th (Junior men's K1 16000m/600m)

Will Mann - 7th (Junior  men's K1 8000m), 8th (Junior men's K1 16000m/600m)

Mackenzie Sparks - 1st (U15 women's C1 8000m), 1st (U15 women's C1 8000m/200m)

Dusan Zdravkovic - 10th (Junior men's K1 8000m), 9th (Junior men's K1 16000m/600m)

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2016 Fall Program Announcements

Hello athletes!

With the calendar now turned to September, our Summer programs have ended and we are looking forward to the Fall programs. While our High Performance athletes have been away competing at Nationals in Nova Scotia, we at home have been busy planning the Fall season. We wish to congratulate our High Performance athletes and we are very proud of their accomplishments.

We are very excited to announce that we will soon be introducing online registration for the Fall season and are striving to have this up and running shortly. We will be sending out an announcement with details on how to register online once the system is in place.

Please continue to monitor pickeringrouge.ca for updates.

PRCC’s Head Coach, Rebecca Fanok, will be coaching the following programs with a start date of September 12th and running through to October 31st. We are happy to provide training in the Bantam, Development and High Performance programs for the Fall season. More details will follow shortly but here is a sampling.

  • Bantam Program: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 4:30pm – 6:30pm. Fee $175
  • Development Program: 2 weekday mornings at 6:00am -7:30am and 4 weekday afternoons 4:30pm -6/7pm and Saturday mornings 8am -10/11am *Days will be announced by the Head Coach. Fee $350
  • High Performance Program: 5 Weekday mornings at 6am -7:30am, 4 weekday afternoons at 4:30pm – 6/7pm as well as Saturday mornings 8am -10am/11am. Fee $400
  • Summer OC6 practices will continue as usual, please see your coach for details.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you on the water!

Pickering Rouge Canoe Club

National Championships

Over the past week, Rouge’s seven high-performance athletes raced remarkably in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia for CKC’s national championships. PRCC competed with 1200 of the best paddlers in Canada. Each athlete was an example of how hard work pays off.

Full results can be found here.

Dusan Zdravkovic

U17 K4 1000m - 5th in heat

U17 C4 1000m - 6th in heat

James Mann

U17 K1 200m - 8th in heat

U19 K2 500m - 6th in heat

U17 K4 1000m - 5th in heat

U19 K2 1000m - 5th in heat

U17 C4 1000m - 6th in heat

Liam Forgie

U17 K4 1000m - 5th in heat

Mackenzie Sparks

U16 C1 200m - 6th in heat

U17 C1 6000m - 18th in final

U16 C1 1000m - 5th in heat

Tristan Forgie

U17 C1 200m - 9th in heat

U19 C1 500m - 9th in heat

U17 C2 1000m - 8th in heat

U17 C4 1000m - 6th in heat

Warren Lundy

U19 K1 200m - 8th in heat

U19 K1 500m - 8th in heat

U19 K2 500m - 6th in heat

U19 K2 1000m - 5th in heat

Will Mann

U17 C2 1000m - 8th in heat

U17 K4 1000m - 5th in heat

U17 C4 1000m - 6th in heat

Ontario Summer Games / Ontario Championships

Ontario Summer Games

This last weekend, three Rouge athletes (Brooke Barich, Dusan Zdravkovic, Mackenzie Sparks) raced for Western Ontario Divison at the Ontario Summer Games. They were invited out on Thursday to train crew boats with athletes from other clubs and went to the OSG opening ceremony. On Friday they competed against the Eastern Ontario Divison. Rouge athletes medaled in:

3rd place:

Women's C4 - Mackenzie Sparks

War Canoe - Brooke Barich, Dusan Zdravkovic

2nd place:

War Canoe - Mackenzie Sparks

Ontario Championships

Athletes from all ages raced Saturday and Sunday at the U13 – Open ages Ontario Championships. All racers showed off how hard they’d been training all year with some terrific results.

Ontario Champions:

1st place:

U13 Mens K2 500m - Patrick Bilewicz, Andrew Fanok (B Final)

U13 Mens K2 500m - Eric Barich, Will Garnett (C Final)

2nd place:

U13 Mens K4 500m - Eric Barich, Patrick Bilewicz, Andrew Fanok, Suman Wijayanayagam (B Final)

U17 Mens C1 1000m - Tristan Forgie (B Final)

U16 Mens K1 1000m - Liam Forgie (A Final)

3rd place:

U15 Womens C1 2000m - Mackenzie Sparks (A Final)

U13 Mens K2 500m - Jonathan Bilewicz, Kees De Graauw (D Final)

U15 Womens K2 500m - Rachel De Graauw, Ryleigh Whidden (C Final)

U13 Mens C4 500m - Jonathan Bilewicz, William Bilewicz, Andrew Fanok, Suman Wijayanayagram (B Final)

U17 Mens K2 1000m - Dusan Zdravkovic, James Mann (B Final)



U17 Womens C1 500m - Mackenzie Sparks (A Final)


U13 Womens C2 500m - Sydney De Graauw, Kiera Whidden (A Final)

U15 Womens C2 500m - Brooke Barich, Mackenzie Sparks (A Final)

U13 Mens C4 500m - Patrick Bilewicz, Kees De Graauw, Declan Forgie, Will Garnett (A Final)

U13 Mens K1 1000m - Patrict Bilewicz (B Final)

U15 Womens C4 1000m - Brooke Barich, Rachel De Graauw, Mackenzie Sparks, Balmy Beach athlete (A Final)

Open Women K1 500m - Danielle Albers (B Final)

Open Women C1 500m - Mackenzie Sparks (A Final)


U15 Womens K4 1000m - Brooke Barich, Rachel De Graauw, Mackenzie Sparks, Ryleigh Whidden (A Final)

U13 Mixed War Canoe 200m - Mackenzie Sparks' crew (A Final)

Open Womens C2 500m - Brooke Barich, Mackenzie Sparks (A Final)

Open Men K4 500m - Warren Lundy, James Mann (A Final)

U17 Mens C4 1000m - Tristan Forgie, James Mann, William Mann, Dusan Zdravkovic (A Final)

U17 Mens K4 1000m - Liam Forgie, James Mann, William Mann, Dusan Zdravkovic (A Final)


U15 Mens K1 2000m - Liam Forgie (A Final)

U15 Womens C1 2000m - Brooke Barich (A Final)

U15 Mixed War Canoe 200m - Tristan Forgie's crew (A Final)

U17 Womens C1 500m - Brooke Barich (A Final)

U17 Mens K1 1000m - James Mann (B Final)

Open Mens K1 500m - Warren Lundy (B Final)


U13 Mens C2 500m - Kees De Graauw, Declan Forgie (A Final)

Open Mens K4 500m - Warren Lundy, James Mann, William Mann, Dusan Zdravkovic (A Final)


U13 Mens K4 500m - Jonathan Bilewicz, Kees De Graauw, Declan Forgie, Will Garnett (A Final)

U13 Womens C4 500m - Sydney De Graauw, Sarah Smart, Kiera Whidden, Ryleigh Whidden (A Final)

U15 Mens K2 500m - Andrew Fanok, Liam Forgie (B Final)

U13 Womens K4 500m - Sydney De Graauw, Sarah Smart, Kiera Whidden, Ryleigh Whidden (A Final)

Open Womens C1 500m - Brooke Barich (A Final)


U15 Mens K4 1000m - Patrick Bilewicz, Andrew Fanok, Declan Forgie, Liam Forgie (A Final)

U17 Mens K2 1000m - Liam Forgie, William Mann (A Final)

Open Mens K1 500m - Ryszard Nowosilski (B Final)


U13 Womens C1 1000m - Sydney De Graauw (A Final)


U13 Mens K1 1000m - Andrew Fanok (A Final)


U13 Womens K1 1000m - Ryleigh Whidden (A Final)


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Bantam Throughout The Summer & Regatta

What a great race weekend for all of our bantam athletes. This Saturday, athletes competed for spots in the Ontario Championships with great success! (Stay tuned to find out who and what qualified).

This year the bantams have had non-stop fun! They’ve done triathlon races (kayak, run and swim), chin up challenges, ice cream trips, superhero week, talked with Para Olympian for Rio 2016, Erica Scarff,  and so much more! Our summer bantam program has also been a great success for athletes. One of their very own (Brooke Barich) qualified for the Ontario Summer Games along with two high-performance athletes (Dusan Zdvravkovic and Mackenzie Sparks).

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