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 Canoe and Kayak Camp

Pickering Rouge Canoe and Kayak Camp (West Rouge Canoe and Kayak Camp) is our original day camp! It’s the perfect choice for those that are looking for a fun and active summer full of sports, games and on-water activities.

With a strong core of experienced staff, we are excited for another great year of paddling at our Rouge Beach site in Scarborough. This camp is aimed at children ages 6 to 13, and focuses on paddling canoes and kayaks. These boats are appropriate for children of all ages, sizes, and skill levels, no previous experience is necessary. In addition to canoeing and kayaking, campers will participate in arts and crafts as well as all sorts of quiet and active games all run by our energetic counsellors. A regular day of camp begins at 9:00 am and ends at 4:00 pm, with before and after “Extended Care” hours available upon request. Each week finishes off with a BBQ for the campers (no lunch required). It’s always a fun and exciting time at Canoe and Kayak camp!

Counsellor-in-Training (CIT) Program – Registration Now Open 

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Our CIT program aims to provide a valuable, week-long learning experience for 14-15 year old individuals that are looking to challenge themselves in a position of responsibility and hands on learning. The CIT experience provides an exciting learning opportunity for those interested in future employment opportunities in childcare, camp counselling, sports/rec and leadership.

Participants must possess a positive attitude and genuine interest in achieving the goals of the CIT program while also being enthusiastic to work with campers ages 6-13. Respect, cooperation and a high level of energy are all valued attributes that will be expected and will lead to a successful completion of the program.

The goal of the CIT program is to provide individuals with the opportunity to work with children in a camp setting, while having the support and supervision of experienced Camp Staff. CITs will assist the Camp Counsellors with daily Camp programming and actively participate in both active and quiet games, arts and crafts and on water activities. This program allows youth to build their leadership and teamwork skills while also developing their paddling skills. We train our CITs in areas we feel are important to becoming a good counsellor, such as positive communication, problem-solving, responsibility, leadership, and professionalism. They will utilize and actively practice these skills while working with the campers and Camp Staff. These skills will be reflected when the CITs organize and execute an afternoon’s worth of activities for the campers.

Though CITs are given a position of authority, they are expected to model appropriate behavior such as respectful communication, water safety, and positive participation.

To successfully complete the program, CITs will be required to demonstrate appropriate levels of maturity, responsibility, and enthusiasm. Participants will fill out a self-evaluation based on attitude, communication, values & character, program support, team building and leadership style and will receive a formal evaluation from PRCC Camp staff. Upon successful conclusion of the program, CITs will receive a Certificate of Completion. We are happy to provide reference letters for future employment or volunteer positions upon request to successful participants.

Please note that as this is a registered program (paid), participants will not receive volunteer hours for their participation. For information on how participants may volunteer at PRCC functions and events outside of the CIT program, please contact

CIT Questionnaire- Please write full sentence responses on a separate page and submit with your application form. This section must be completed in order for applications to be considered. Let us know why you think you’ll make you a great CIT!

  1. Why do you want to be a CIT? Please describe experiences that have led to your interest in participating as a CIT, such as volunteer, work and/or sports experiences.
  2. What are the top three things you would like to learn while being a CIT and why?
  3. Please describe in full what personality traits you possess that will make you an asset as a great CIT?
  4. Please describe how you think this experience will be a benefit in achieving your future goals.


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