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Race shot!

A regatta is a full day of races held rain or shine (as long as there is no lightning). Races typically begin around 8:30 am and go until 4:30 pm but can be delayed or cancelled in the event of water conditions or lightning.

Please arrive at the regatta site before the races are schedule to begin, so you can help unload the PRCC boat trailer (canoe/kayak racers), and so you can stake out a good vantage point with the other Rouge members to watch the races. At least 60 minutes before your first race, check in with your coach. Most regattas will offer a BBQ and a snack bar (for fundraising) where you can buy a lunch. Nonetheless these lunches are usually geared towards the spectators. You should pack a lunch and snacks that are quick to eat, easily digested and are healthy (eg: fruit, granola bars, bagels and lots of water or Gatorade). You should not be drinking pop or eating junk food as these do not help on-water performance.

Checklist of items to bring to the regatta:

  • Your PRCC racing singlet (canoe/kayak) or shirt (dragon boat)
  • A life jacket
  • Healthy food and drinks including lots of water
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen, and hat
  • Shoes, sandals, and extra dry clothes
  • Towel
  • Lawn chairs, blanket, binoculars, cameras
  • Rain Gear, plastic sheet for the ground
  • Extra money to purchase the regatta program if available

2016 Regatta Schedule

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