Sponsorship and Suppliers

Pickering Rouge Canoe Club has seen great progress in the last couple of years and without such amazing volunteers and members the Club would never be where it is now. We have a ton of appreciation and gratitude for those that continue to show their support and dedication towards the growth of our organization. Please take a minute to review the different sponsorship options available and help our Club continue its positive path of growth.

2016 Sponsorship Package coming soon.

Our Sponsors:



Thank you to our suppliers for their continued support:

  • Paddle Sport Performance Products: Stand Up Paddle Boards, KayakPro dealer, Craft thermal tops, Xcel training gear, kayak paddles, Bomber Sunglasses, Mustang Survival pfds and much more.
  • Kayaksport Products: Kayaks and paddles.
  • Braca Sport Products: Kayak paddles, canoe paddles and dragon boat paddles.
  • Chinook Paddles Products: Outrigger paddles, dragon boat paddles and stand up surf paddles.
  • DBXSPORTS Products: Dragon boat paddles & repairs.
  • Epic Kayaks Products: Kayaks, kayak paddles and related equipment.
  • Greyowl Paddles Products: Canoe paddles, dragon boat paddles and outrigger paddles.
  • Mississippi Kayaks Products: Kayaks and canoes.
  • Nelo Products: Kayaks and canoes.
  • Performance Paddler Products: Kayaks and canoes.
  • Plastex Composite Products: Kayaks and canoes.
  • Turbo Paddles Products: Kayaks, kayak paddles, canoe paddles and dragon boat paddles.

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